Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

Legit and Scam Sites

Legit means that the site is currently showing proof that is pays. It does not mean it can not go scam tomorrow.

Scam sites is a site that has issues:
1. not paying
2. too many complaints and negative comments are found
3. unstable (comes and goes)
4. abondonment (owner disappears from the forum)
5. ties with or is owned by a previous scammer (history of scamming people)

May be useful. Success for you all.

Tips and Tricks Playing PTC

I have always been committed to providing useful information to readers. And on this accasion I have a few tips and tricks for doing business in PTC world who I have gained during playing in PTC world.

1. Check first the site is not a SCAM. Search payment of proof in forum site, view the rank alexa, and how trends graph.

2. Look design of site intereting or bad. But of course this is only my theory not to be an absolute theory.

3. Playing safe with one account only, do not refer brother housemate, let alone your own account to register your own referral so this is can be suspend permanent for your account.

4. Try as best use one IP only. Dont use share IP like hotspot, internet cafes, etc. It is can be detected for double account.

5. Promote your link referral in forums, own website (like me), banner advertising on website, and instant messengers. Even through social network like Facebook and Twitter is quite effective if you have many friends.

May be useful. Success for you all.

About PTC (Paid to Click)

What is PTC (Paid to Click)?
PTC (Paid to Click) is an advertising program that pays a commission to the reader who click and view ads that they provide.

How do we get money from PTC?
As I mentioned above. Only by click ads that they provide and $0.01 will be added to our account. But here there are have rulers. We have to wait a few seconds for each ad you click, before we know the next ad clicks. This timer is also different for each site. There are only 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, even 40 seconds. After reaching the minimum cash out (each program have different limits, but on average requires a minimum $2), our money will be transferred via Paypal, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, and Neteller.

Should we pay to register in these programs?
No. No registration fee. Simple fill out the registration online (usually username, password, email, referrer and account Paypal or Alertpay). But we have to pay to upgrade our free accounts to premium accounts. This way you get full access to the ads that are provided or the number of ad that is clicked too much. But if you do not want to upgrade also does not metter.

What is Referral?
Referral is how a person connected or follow a particular site on our recommendation. Here, the referral form a unique address that is different for each account. If people sign up to a site with unique address from our sources, then we will get commission. Commission include:
1. someone sign up with youre link referral, 
2. referral clicks ads (if your referrals start to click ads), 
3. upgrade (if your referral upgrade to premium accounts),
4. bonuses (depending on PTC site that you follow)

How much we can earn money from PTC?
Unlimited. But usually they have requirement cash out. First payment is minimum $2, second minimum $5, third and so on is minimum $10.
I will try to share my income on my best PTC OnBux (one of paid PTC)
Join first in OnBux
Onbux have more than 4 ads daily, $0.01 click, $0.005 referral click, maximum 50 Direct Referral, and $2 minimum cash out.

This is example of income in one month

Your click ads: 4 x $0.01 x 30 = $1.2
Your referral click ads: 4 x $0.005 x 30 =$0.6
If you have 50 referrals: 4 x $0.005 x 30 x 50 = $30
Total your income in one month: $1.2 + $30 = $31.2 !!!

My personal payment proof from OnBux

May be useful. Success for you all.